I am going to straight-up murder your ass. (bloodeagle) wrote in portal_o_normal,
I am going to straight-up murder your ass.

I was going to post this to wtf_inc, but it was actually kind of too awesome!

This may very well be old news, but hey. What isn't anymore, right? So I'm browsing Amazon.com, even though I should be sleeping, and they keep trying to sell me one of those Heart-Start defibrulators for god only knows what reason. So I click the link and I'm scrolling down to see if anyone's actually reviewed it and, you know, actually had to use it. I came across this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Please to be excusing the fact it's just a regular old screen capture, because I didn't want to crop it. And with my luck, it'll be deleted by tomorrow.
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